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Key themes of the hospital construction projects

The regions are working continually and systematically with a number of key themes intended to help realise the regions' vision for the new hospital buildings.

Innovation – in terms of forms of leadership, organisation and procedures, and the use of new technology to support cohesive and more efficient patient treatment. The regions are drawing inspiration from other sectors.

Planning and analysis – pre-analysis such as mock-ups of wards and analysis of space utilisation to ensure the new hospitals are future proof.

Design and architecture – the architecture itself can contribute to healing and greater patient safety. For example, single-occupancy rooms reduce the number of infections and patient falls and increase the patient's perception of quality.

Experience exchange – including internationally – experience and inspiration from other modern hospitals have been integrated into the construction projects. The regions are sharing knowledge and developing joint solutions that are used actively in the building projects.

User consultation – the needs of staff, patients and family members and their expectations of the services provided by the health system are serving as inspiration in the process.

Cleantech – environmental and energy efficient solutions help optimise resource and energy consumption and reduce operating costs. Danish cleantech companies can demonstrate how their solutions can be used in highly specialised buildings.

Export of know-how – Danish engineers, architects and other building experts are accumulating extensive knowledge of modern hospital construction projects they can use when submitting tenders on similar projects abroad.

Commercial development – regional innovation units need to strengthen public-private partnerships in relation to product development in the area of health and welfare technology. The Business Innovation Fund has established a regional-federal government partnership in relation to health and hospital innovation.