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The hospital as a workplace

The new hospitals must offer high quality diagnosis, treatment and care. It is therefore essential to focus on the well-being of staff and ensuring the hospital becomes an attractive workplace.

The new hospitals must provide a setting in which employees find that they can carry out their work at a high level of professionalism and that the job content is motivating and challenging. When planning hospitals, consideration must be given to ensuring an ideal physical working environment.

When planning hospitals, effort must be made to best accommodate the need of staff to balance working life and family life. Consideration should be given to what facilities should be made available, such that the hospital becomes a family friendly workplace.

Principles in relation to the hospital as a workplace:

  • Give high priority to communication with staff about expectations, changes and the construction process, in order to achieve the highest possible level of trust, security and support for the project.
  • Ensure the staff have co-determination in the process, and that expectations are matched in terms of when in the process they can exercise this influence and in relation to which factors.
  • Allocate space for learning, research, development, concentration, rest and social interaction during planning and room allocation.
  • Show as much consideration for the staff as possible when organising the construction phase and subsequent relocations. Support the physical working environment through functional and secure workplace furnishings and improved procedures.
  • Give employees good opportunities to seek relevant information.