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Hospital partnership

The Business Innovation Fund and the five regional growth forums have jointly established a hospital partnership.

The partnership aims to support the development of innovative hospital products and services in focus areas where there is a particular need and demand for new solutions.

It also aims to help realise the business potential of the hospital construction projects. The focus is on developing and standardising modern Danish hospital and health solutions and bringing them to market maturity.


The board of the Business Innovation Fund has allocated DKK 50 million and each of the five regional councils has allocated DKK 10 million to co-finance projects under the partnership. The parties have appointed a joint steering committee to recommend focus areas, application rounds and projects for final approval by the board of the Business Innovation Fund. The funds will be allocated during 2012 and 2013.


Prior to commencing the work, discussions were held with representatives from the regions regarding how the element of demand in the partnership can be strengthened. It is intended that knowledge from the work on guidelines for knowledge sharing in the hospital construction projects be drawn on.