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Vision for the regions' hospital construction projects

The regions hope the new hospital construction projects will create a future-proof hospital system with a focus on patients. The focal points of the new hospital construction projects are higher quality, greater efficiency and greater flexibility.

The regions are building for a future which is as yet unknown. In some cases, treatment and logistics will have to be supported by technology and innovative solutions that have not yet been discovered. No one is able to predict patient flows for the new hospitals 20 years from now.

Focus on patients

The level of quality must be raised by constructing buildings which are safe for patients, by giving focus to the patient and introducing new ways of organising work at the new hospitals.

Improved efficiency

Efficiency must be improved by greater cohesion in patient treatment, innovative organisation and procedures and the efficient use of new technology.

Flexible hospitals

The new hospitals must be constructed to be flexible so that different rooms and areas can be extended or converted to other uses without major expense.

Background to the hospital construction projects

The regions are investing DKK 42.7 billion in new construction and the expansion and renovation of hospitals in the coming years. The buildings will be constructed over a period of 10-15 years. These investments in the hospital structure and new physical facilities are based on the need for greater specialisation. The regions are gathering treatment into fewer units in order to increase professional quality and utilise resources as efficiently as possible.