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Focus areas for developing content in the new hospitals

Under the knowledge sharing project, the regions identified eight focus areas where they will jointly gather knowledge, exchange experiences and develop ideas for how the content of the new hospitals can be developed. The goal is to achieve a dramatic increase in quality and efficiency.

The aim is for the regions to more extensively and systematically utilise and draw inspiration from each others' experiences and international knowledge and experience with developing content in the new hospitals.

The eight focus areas for developing content in the new hospitals relate to:

  1. An organisational structure which focuses on the needs of the patient
  2. New forms of management
  3. Boundaries and interaction with the rest of the health system
  4. FAM (joint acute admissions) and organisation of acute care
  5. Faster and easier access to diagnostics at hospitals
  6. Operating theatre procedures
  7. Outpatient clinic procedures
  8. Offices and mobile workstations

The work on these focus areas is anchored in a region or an existing interregional group, where a project leader has general responsibility for the focus area. The project leader is initially responsible for formulating a project description for the work on the focus area, to be approved by the steering committee for the project on knowledge sharing in hospital construction.

For each focus area, each region appoints 1-2 representatives to participate in a project group working on the focus area, based on a project description.

At the present time (March 2012), the steering committee has approved five of the eight project descriptions for the focus areas.