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The patients' experience of quality and coherence

Better physical conditions for patients and family members, improvements to the patients' experience of quality and coherent patient treatment are key focus areas for the investments in hospital construction and the establishment of new physical facilities.

Patients' experience of quality
The physical conditions and hospital interior design have a major impact on the patient's experience of quality and the quality of professional care.


Patients' experience of coherence
The patient's interaction with the hospital must be cohesive and as natural and brief as possible.


Principles for patients' experience of quality and coherence

  • Patients and family members should be involved from an early stage an on ongoing basis, so that their knowledge, suggestions and ideas can be actively used in the process.
  • The architecture must promote the sense of an open and accessible hospital, which makes it easy for people to find their way around and takes into account the needs of special groups.
  • When organising construction, the surrounding infrastructure should be taken into account, including access via public and private transport, and consideration should be given to the immediate surroundings and neighbours.
  • The interior design of the hospital should support communication among personnel and between personnel, patients and family members, for example using information technology.