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Principles for construction management

Construction projects in the regions have a focus on detailed budgets, regular risk assessment and clear requirements for consultants and contractors.

The 'Implementation of construction projects by municipalities and regions' (Kommuners og regioners gennemførelse af anlægsprojekter) report contains a number of tips and recommendations for managing construction projects. The report targets the political and administrative top management, and the key points have been summarised in the paper entitled 'Good construction management in regions and municipalities' (God anlægsstyring i regioner og kommuner).


The report's recommendations can be summarised in the following key points:

  • Politically approve the management model and use it actively
  • Demand a detailed and realistic budget
  • Assess, quantify and follow-up on risks
  • Manage the involvement of users, staff, etc.
  • Set clear requirements and expectations for consultants and contractors
  • Establish and use a standard roadmap for construction projects.


The report is based on investigation of the practices of municipalities and regions for managing and implementing construction projects, in relation to timetables, quality and finances.

The investigation is part of a project for good construction management in municipalities and regions carried out in 2008 as an element of a joint cooperation project for the regional government sector.